Monday, February 14, 2011

The Most Important Step for Arthritis Relief - Glucosamine

Glucosamine Sulfate 1,000 mg capsules - Puritain's Pride

 Show Your Body some Love for Valentine's Day!  
Glucosamine . . . The Fountain of Youth for the Joints!
It repairs old injuries and  reverses degenerative arthritis.  Glucosamine sulfate is made from crab shells, and it is the building blocks of cartilage.  The cartilage between our joints is like a sponge - composed of a protein and carbohydrate matrix. This matrix acts like a sponge to hold water. The injuries of life place wear-and-tear on the joints and tears in the matrix occur.  Just like a household sponge gets thinner with wear, and can't hold as much water, the cartilage in our joints gets thinner. Glucosamine comes in and repairs the tears in the cartilage matrix so that the sponge can soak up more water again. I have see patients' x-rays improve with Glucosamine. Left alone, once arthritis starts, it gradually worsens. Arthritis medications don't halt the progress of arthritis, they only mask the pain as the condition advances. The key to success with Glucosamine supplementation is dosage and consistency. You need to take it daily because its effects are cumulative - the longer you take it, the more healing occurs.  And you need to get enough into your system. It is not like a pain pill that works immediately - but the effects of glucosamine are long lasting! I recommend using pure Glucosamine Sulfate in a capsule.  Glucosamine Sulfate is the most absorbable form of Glucosamine, and capsules are more easily absorbed than solid tablets. When Glucosamine is alone in a pill, you'll get a higher dose of Glucosamine then if it it mixed with other nutrients. Chondrotin is a huge molecule, and is poorly absorbed. I have seen better, quicker results with basic, generic Glucosamine Sulfate. Trust me - I have had many patients tell me, "I tried Glucosamine before, and it didn't work." But they bought a combination joint formula, in tablet form, from a discount store. Then instead of taking the recommended 3 a day, they took 1 or 2 and not everyday. I usually recommend 2,000 mg of glucosamine for my patients with mild to moderate degenerative arthritis and 3,000 mg/ day with patients with severe arthritis. It is hard to find plain Glucosamine in a capsule. Why?  Because in it's generic form, Glucosamine can't be patented, so companies can't inflate the price.  Puritan's Pride has a great, cost-effective product: (Glucosamine Sulfate-1,000mg capsule). (Take the vegetarian version - Glucosamine HCl if you have shellfish allergies or if you have problems digesting Glucosamine Sulfate.)  Even if you think you have tried glucosamine in the past . . . spend a few dollars on another bottle and, stick to my recommendations for a month - you won't believe the difference!  Love your body again! Start participating  in life again!

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