Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cherry Juice . . . Easy Medicine to Swallow and Cheaper than a Co-Pay

Cherry Juice

Cherry juice works so well, it's bad for business. (That is - if you are in the business of treating joint pain!)  I was recently seeing a patient who had chronic meniscus pain in her knee.  I recommended that she try cherry juice for her pain, and a few days later, she returned to the office to cancel her appointments and to pick up 4 more bottles! And she isn't the only one! I have seen dramatic improvements in patients with trigger finger, shoulder pain, arthritic hands and more! At $10 or less per bottle, cherry juice is a lot easier to swallow than than the time and money spent in doctor's offices.

Finally...Something that is so incredibly good for you, yet also tastes incredibly good!  Cherry juice can work miracles on joint pain, and it is good for the rest of the body as well.  Cherry juice is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Since it reduces inflammation, it reduces pain! It is an old fashion remedy for Gout - the most inflammatory type of arthritis.  If it can work for Gout, it can work on your common, everyday arthritis. Plus, it is good for your overall health. Just like other darkly colored fruit and vegetables, cherry juice is loaded with antioxidants - the stuff that slows down the aging process and helps rejuvenate the body.  These antioxidants help protect against diabetes, cancer and obesity. And everyone loves the flavor of cherries!  I recommend a concentrated, tart black cherry juice from Puritan's Pride. It is even organic, and best of all, it is affordable. Add it to seltzer and you have a healthy, natural soda for kids of all ages.  Add it to hot water for a tea or cold water for juice.  Pour it on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, yogurt, or in smoothies as a flavorful syrup.  Add it to whole grain hot or cold cereals for a delicious burst of flavor.

Shopping Tip: When purchasing from Puritan's Pride, be prepared to stock up. You get the best deals when you order  3-5 of the same item. So forget about the candy and stuff those stockings with Cherry Juice!  Always search online for Puritan's Pride Coupon Codes. I  keep my website up to date with the promotional codes.  Click here for Puritan's Pride Coupon Codes. Ring in the holidays with a healthy toast of sparkling cherry spritzer! Cheers to Cherries!!!

Caution Diabetics: Since it is a fruit juice, cherry juice is high in sugar.  Read the label and consult with your own doctor before trying. As with any juice, Diabetics should, use cherry juice sparingly and always take with food.  (Cherry Juice pills may be a better option.)

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